How you may be sabotaging your health on vacation

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You go on a wonderful trip with your family and make many memories. In addition to your souvenirs, you also bring home a stomach bug or some other type of ailment. There are some things you may be doing that could be sabotaging your health while traveling. We are going to discuss some commonly made mistakes and what can be done to resolve them.

Insufficient amount of sunscreen:

The sun is present whether you see it or not. This means sunscreen should never be forgotten. You may be covered up pretty well but your face is still being exposed to ultra violet rays. Sunscreen should be carried along on warm days as well as cold days. Ultraviolet rays increase in intensity with higher elevation.

Eating more than you normally would:

It is common for people to not stick to their diet while on vacation. Vacation should be enjoyable and people tend to eat foods they would not normally eat. The normal diet can always resume after vacation, right? WRONG! You may find that you suffer from heartburn and acid reflux on your trip. In addition, returning to your diet may prove to be harder than expected. When enjoying the local cuisine keep the mindset of tasting instead of gorging and overeating. Reserve one light meal a day to help stay on track.

Insufficient amount of sleep:

It is easy for your sleep schedule to get off while on vacation. Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep every night. People who do not get enough sleep may crave junk food and make unhealthy choices. Their memory may also begin to suffer. If you find yourself staying up too late or waking up too early, try to compensate by going to be earlier or waking up earlier. Hotels have curtains. Use them.

Lack of vaccination:

This is important! There are different diseases in different parts of the world that can be prevented very easily. Even non-exotic locations may require vaccinations before traveling. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all travelers be vaccinated for: measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, varicella, polio, and the annual flu shot. These may take a few weeks to work effectively so do not wait until the last minute.


The dangers of blood clots on long flights are very well known. However, when you are traveling for more than four hours via trains or cars, the risk is still present. Whenever you are in a confined space for more than four hours it is advised that you move up every few minutes. If moving around it not an option, you can stretch your legs and flex your ankles.


Airplanes and hotels are full of germs. This should go without saying. Travelers should always have hand sanitizer handy. Hand sanitizer should be used to eliminate germs that are spread through sneezing or other exchange of bodily fluids. Wipes can be used to clean off surfaces that are common high traffic germ areas such as bathrooms.

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Panels in the East of the Lodge

Friday 23rd March saw the unveiling of the Panels in the East of the Lodge, painted by Bro. David Paris Craig D.A., P.M.of Lodge Discovery No.1789 and Sir Robert Moray No. 1641. The Panels which are full of symbolism and depict the various degrees of Freemasonry were unveiled by Past Prov. S.W. of Fife and Kinross, Bro. James Hutchison, the P.G.Master of Edinburgh, Bro.Maurice Wilson and P.G.Master of Forfarshire, Bro.Angus Murray. A surprise visitor on that evening was M. W. Bro The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine the Past Grand Master Mason of Scotland who unveiled the final panel above the bar area. P.M.Craig gave a detailed explanation of the Panels and is collaborating with P.M.Iain McIntosh of No.486 to produce a book explaining the new Panels as well as the Millennium Panels that already adorn the West Wall of the Temple. The winner of the Prize Draw on that evening was Bro. Derrick Lawrence of Lodge Broughty Castle who received a limited edition print donated by Bro. Craig.

Burns Supper

On Saturday 8th March we held our annual Scottish night/Burns Supper on this evening and were entertained as always by our young piper Ross Murray the son of Past Master Craig Murray and our “friends” the Parcel “o” rogue’s from Lodges Camperdown 317 and Thistle Operative 158. A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by everyone who attended and an excellent donation was given to the chosen charity by Ally Gowans and co. As always one individual took the brunt of the jokes and this year it fell on the large shoulders of Brother Dave Dewars(who was wearing his marque-“F” shirt on the evening) of Lodge Glamis 99 and also an honorary member of Lodge Broughty Castle 486. Thanks to all who came along for their kind generosity shown on the evening. R.W.M. Bro. Jim Bain